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Printing News Flashes :)

Here is an item from George showing the difference between a photo printed with photo paper and regular paper (not talking use of a photo _cartridge_ here) Photo PAPER Comparison

And from the printerhelp ng he posted this about Ink Consumption

Message from Steve Dee

There are no fixes in yet for these update woe's.......but as a first step I suggest you do the "webtv re-boot". UNplug the power sources of the printer and webtv unit, undo your printing cable (dust it, dust can impede the flow of data:) look for bent pins, if you find some bingo there is your problem, leave unit off about 15 minutes (or shudder overnight)

Then re-connect your printer cable firmly, _then_ your power supply and turn on, if there is a screen prompt just say Yes you did move, this will "reset" both the wtv unit and printer.

Other than replacing most of my toodizzy help sites, the only updates done to the George Casey printing pages was adding some FAQ's and updating the printer's pages.

AUGUST 29 2001 Site moved to geocities, hopefully will be ad free for wtv users....