Factors that affect your on-line speed.

In one way, the stock wtv answer to any problem: "it is your phone, phoneline!" is true.

The modem connecting you to your ISP and then to wtv depends on a clean signal.

Every thing you do on the internet depends on the packets of info (and the checking of each packet for errors) traveling a phone line that wasn't designed to handle such dense data.

Here are the factors that affect your performance:

* The Browser.

* Serial Port Speed

* The modem (line connect rate, compression, and error checking.)

* Internet Traffic (bottlenecks at ISP and    exchange points)

* Web Server (the server handling the the    requests may be over loaded.)

Go to http://privacy.net/ and click on the Analyze your connection link.

One of the many things you will see is how many "hops" it took to get to the site. It is a route tracer, today it took me 11 hops. Each hop point has to work without being over loaded to get you to that site quickly.

ISP's my main dial up number is actually a part of psi.net. I used Dawn McGatney's ISP info (today, the mindspring location and http://www.dogwolf.seagull.net/ are offline) and found that this number has over two dozen hosts besides wtv using it.
Is it any reason things are slow? Ironically my PC ISP earthlink _also_ uses this number as my main number:)