Word Processing

Some of these tips have been submitted by webtv users at the Printerhelp group. I have not personally used them all but they look like they will work. If you have other tips that work for you please feel free to e-mail or post at the Printerhelp group.


There does seem to be a problem with some word processing pages in that they only print 2/3 of the way across the page. One way around this is to use html table tags like this:

Here you would type your text. Use a
at the end of a sentence to break to the next line. Use a

at the end of a sentence to skip a line for a paragraph. Use the alt/spacer bar for indenting. Then finish with this:


There is a method for header-less printing that is so easy and simple, I felt like an idiot when I heard it because I hadn't thought of it myself!
1. Turn on printer, making sure the topmost piece in the printer paper is a scrap piece and the rest is 'clean'.
2. Go to the email page and click on Write.
3. Fill in your email address.
4. Fill in the subject line if you want.
5. Starting at the extreme top, up against the subject line, number down the side of the page to 46***, making sure to hit return/enter after every number. END TRICKY PART!
6. Starting immediately _under_ the 46, type or cut and paste the text of what you want to print.
7. Send the email to yourself.
8. Print.
If your printer and WebTV Unit format the same as my classic and HP 672C printer, the numbers will appear on the scrap paper and the text on a 'clean' sheet. ***You should test to make sure 46 is your magic number. Just number down the side as described above (be sure to hit enter/return after every number) to 55 or so. Send it and print it on scrap paper. Whatever the last number on the first page (the one with the headers) is, that's your magic number.
You could just count the returns/enters but I always get interrupted, or miscount and end up wasting printer paper, ink and my time. The numbering method is more sure. To make sure I don't skip a number when I'm in a hurry, I sent to myself and saved an email with only the numbers to 46 (and the returns/enters). I just cut and paste the numbers onto any email I want to print.
It just occurred to me that you could make those 46 lines more useful by typing in the correct spelling of words you have trouble with. I think I might try that.

Here is another e-mail letter link.

E-mail letters


There are only two steps and three codes needed to write a professional looking letter. This is used on a web page.

1. Name the page--letter.html will do

2. type(HTML)(BODY) at the top and (P) in the letter to skip a line and start a new paragraph. End with (/BODY)(/HTML) no breaks or returns are needed, just type away. Replace the ( )with << >>. A business letter would take a little more formatting, but most people write far more personal letters than professional ones.


Both of the following methods require that the envelope be placed in the infeed tray sideways.HP face down and Canon face up.

To be used on a web page. Replace all the [ ] with<< >>.

[!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"] [HTML] [HEAD][TITLE]env10[/TITLE][/HEAD][P] [P] [FONT SIZE="3"] name[BR] address[BR] city state zip[BR] [!--return address above this line//--] [/FONT][P][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR] [TABLE BORDER="0" HEIGHT="100" Width="100%"] [TR][TD WIDTH="45%"][/td][TD Width="55%"] [FONT SIZE="+2"] name[BR] address line#1[BR] address line#2[BR] city state zip [!--enter address above this line//--] [/FONT][/TD][/TR][/Table] [/HTML][/FONT] [P] [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [/CENTER]

You may want to delete some of the long list of [BR] to accomodate your particular envelope.


Replace the () with the <<>> brackets.

(HTML) (HEAD)(TITLE)env06(/TITLE)(/HEAD)(P) (P) (FONT SIZE="3") name(BR) address(BR) city st zip(BR) <--enter return address above--> (/FONT)(P)(BR)(BR)(BR)(BR)(BR)(BR)(BR)(BR)(TABLE BORDER="0" HEIGHT="100" Width="100%") (TR)(TD WIDTH="45%")(/td)(TD Width="55%") (FONT SIZE="+2") To name(br) street(br) City st zip(br) (/FONT)(/TD)(/TR)(/Table) (/FONT) (/HTML)

Canons hold #10 envelopes just fine in the feed tray, up to15 at a time, press down the edges to crease tightly. Set the paper thickness lever to the right for envelopes, Its at the top of the ink cartridge mine is green. Don't forget to return it to the center for paper.

Below are links to more envelope tips.

Envelope Magic

Envelope info


Address Maker
With the Address Maker print the finished gif first on a sheet of paper to see where to line up the envelope in the infeed tray.


Do this at the HTML testbed. First you need to take your image and rotate it to the right at ImageMagick. If you have a webpage you should transload it there to keep for later use otherwise just get the url of the rotated image and go to the testbed. You will need to cut and paste that url. It's too long to write down. At the testbed type this html code in between the body lines. It's small enough to write down first or print this e-mail. Replace the image url I have there with yours.

<table width="200" border="1" align="left"><br> <tr><br> <td align="center" valign="middle"><br> <img src="https://members.tripod.com/~printingwithwebtv/4flag1b.gif"> </td> </tr> </table> </plaintext> If you don't want a border around the image, replace the "1" with a "0". Leave paper in the tray. Put the envelope face down, and against the right side of the tray, flap to the left. Then print. The image you use should fit within about a 200x200 range at the most. Do a test print with the image in the code above to see how it will place it self. The vertical center of the image will be were that one is. The horizontal placing will form to the right of the edge of the envelope.<P> <a href="envelope.html">Printing On Hadoe's Envelope</a><P> </td> </tr> </table> </center> <P><center><table width="90%"> <tr> <td> <CENTER><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>WORD PROCESSING SITES</U></strong></FONT></CENTER><P> These are linked here for your information only. I don't recommend one over the other. Try them out to see which suits you the best.<P> This link has 25 or more word processor's listed.<br> <br> <h2>New from D & W !</h2> An up to date collection of Word Processors, Envelope and Letterhead makers! <br><br>On their <a href="http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Stonewall/6243/fkeyprint1.html"> http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Stonewall/6243/fkeyprint1.html</a> pages, thanks Dave and Willie for gathering those.......<br><br> <a href="https://www.angelfire.com/fl/dicky/printing.html"> https://www.angelfire.com/fl/dicky/printing.html</a> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <center><table width="90%"> <tr> <td> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P> <CENTER> <a href="index.html"><h2>Back</h2></a><P> <H2></H2> </CENTER> </body></HTML>