To print both sides of a sheet of paper to look like a page out of a book, that is the info from the front of the sheet continues to the back, you need to load only one sheet at a time into the infeed tray. Print that side of the sheet. When it is done the printer will stop with a "out of paper" message. Take the printed sheet and put it back into the tray (printed face up for HP, down for Canon)and print the back of the sheet by hitting the resume button. Continue the same way with each succeeding sheet.


To make Iron-on Transfers, get a supply of Iron-on Transfer paper, and select a picture you would like to use. Go to either WebFx or ImageMagick in the Links below and "flop" the picture. Print it out on Transfer paper, making sure the clear side is face down. Follow the instructions that came with the paper to iron it on. Follow the washing directions and add a cup of vinegar to the wash water to seal in the colors. They come out really nice. Remember that unless words are included in the picture itself, they will not reverse correctly!

T-Shirt Transfer Links Info

Transfer Papers




Avery 8 1/2x 11 single label sheet: Make stickers for your kids or yourself. Run the sheet through as many times as you want, sticker side down, allowing a lot of drying time between printings. Cut the pictures apart. Also great for Clip-Art, when there are many pictures on the same page. You can also make stick-on signs using html and the full-page stickers. Another way to make stickers is to use two-sided carpet tape. Cut and stick your printed work on one side of the tape, then stick it to anything using the other side.

Some things to remember though;

-The ink from ink jet printers is not water resistant. To make them water resistant you need to spray a fixative over the sticker. You can buy these at a art or graphics supply store or even some craft stores.

-The ink is also not fade resistant. You can spray a U.V. inhibitor to make them more resistant to fading. I have made bumper stickers and have used Varathane Diamond Exterior coating for this purpose. It is a water based polyurethane varnish and is very clear, and it contains the U.V. inhibitors . It is available in a spray can form for convenience and can be bought from hardware stores.

-When using the sprays it is important to spray a very light sealer coat first. If you spray too heavy then the ink will run, after the sealer coat dries then you can apply several more topcoats for better protection.

-The colors will become slightly darker after being sprayed so allow for this when selecting your colors.


Do this at the HTML testbed. First you need to take your image and rotate it to the right at ImageMagick. If you have a webpage you should transload it there to keep for later use otherwise just get the url of the rotated image and go to the testbed. You will need to cut and paste that url. It's too long to write down. At the testbed type this html code in between the body lines. It's small enough to write down first or print this e-mail. Replace the image url I have there with yours.

<table width="200" border="1" align="left"> <tr> <td align="center" valign="middle"> <img src="http:// URL of your image"> </td> </tr> </table> </plaintext> <p> If you don't want a border around the image, replace the "1" with a "0". Leave paper in the tray. Put the envelope face down, and against the right side of the tray, flap to the left. Then print. The image you use should fit within about a 200x200 range at the most. Do a test print with the image in the code above to see how it will place it self. The vertical center of the image will be were that one is. The horizontal placing will form to the right of the edge of the envelope.<P> <center><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>PRINT ON HADOE'S ENVELOPE</U></strong></FONT></center><p> <a href="envelope.html">Tip</a><P> <a href="envelope1.html">Tip</a><P> <center><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>CROSS-STITCH PATTERNS</U></strong></FONT></center><p> One visitor printed out cross-stitch patterns on Aida cloth, cut to 8 1/2x 11. You may have to carefully feed the cloth in, but it worked for her!<p> It's also been said that you can iron on light weight material to freezer paper and send it through the printer.<P> Here's a related link.<p> <a href="">House of Alexander</a><P> <CENTER><font size="+1" color="#F88017"><strong><U>THINGS TO MAKE</U></strong></font></center><p> Craft Items you can make using your pictures.<br> <a href="">EDPS</a><p> Interesting Ceramic Cup Transfers.<br> <a href="">Computer Crafting</a><P> <a href=" ">Make Your Own Calendar</a><P> <center><FONT SIZE="+1" color="#F88017"><strong><U>POSTCARDS</U></strong></font></center><p> Use half-page pictures on heavy stock to send postcards to loved ones. The Post Office does require 33 cents postage on anything over a normal sized postcard.<p> <center><FONT SIZE="+1" color="#F88017"><strong><U>SCANNER ALTERNATIVE</U></strong></font></center><p> <a href="">Faxs</a><P> <CENTER><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>MORE HELPFUL LINKS</U></strong></FONT></CENTER><P> <a href="">ImageMagick</a><P> <a href="">Using ImageMagick</a><P> <A HREF="">WebFX</a><p> <a href="">GifWorks</a><P> <A HREF="">Alan's WebTV Guide (Very helpful)</a><p> <A HREF="">Andresen Family Home Page (Lots of Info)</a><p> <A HREF="">HTML Testbed</A><P> <CENTER> <a href="index.html"><h2>Back</h2></a><P> <H2></H2> <P> </CENTER> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </body></HTML>