Below are suggestions for alternate sources for printer ink and different types of paper that can be used with the printers. While I have used some of them with success it will be up to you to decide if they are right for you.


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There are a great variety of inkjet papers made specifically to be used with inkjet printers.Though we can only use the 81/2x11 size papers with WebTv. From multi-purpose papers to heavyweight photo papers and specialty papers like 81/2x11 single sheet peel and stick labels. And there are probably as many brands. Some of them are HP, Canon, Xerox, Epson, Sharprint and Champion just to name a few. They all seem to print pretty well but each with it's own look. For my everyday throw away printing I use whatever multi-purpose inkjet paper is on sale. A lot of people use the HP multi-purpose and Xerox multi-purpose papers. For the text prints that I want to keep or give to other people I use Sharprint Coated Plus paper. Other brands also have bright white paper rated at a 95 brightness that will work too. For large graphics or photos I now use glossy card stock that I found in an arts and crafts store. I prefer the extra stiffness it has over the regular inkjet photo papers. I used to use Champion High Gloss Premium. The other brands make photo paper in different weights and in satin and glossy finishes too. A choice of these would be up to your personal taste as each prints the same picture slightly differently. Not that I would recommend this but I have run everything from grocery bag paper to artists oil paint canvas through my HP printer without any problems. Not everything accepts the ink very well depending on the texture of the paper. A good stationary store will have a wide variety of papers to try. I do suggest you stay away from cheap typewriter and copy machine paper as they tend to break down and fuzz under heavy amounts of ink. That could result in clogging the printheads of the cartridges.

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There are a wide variety of brands and papers made specificlly for inkjet printers. You don't have to limit yourself to those or even just to paper. Do stay away from copy machine and typewriter paper. Neither of which were meant to be used with liquid ink. Once wet they can break down and contaminate the printhead of the ink cartridge with small paper fibers. Some of the papers and materials available to use are listed below.

CARD STOCK: great for projects that will require lots of handling such as greeting cards,business cards and recipe cards. Glossy card stock works well for photos too. It can be found at most arts and crafts stores and places like Kinko's copy stores.

CRAFT POSTER BOARD: Not quite as stiff as card stock and usually comes in 18x24 inch sheets. Most variety stores will carry it in the school or art supplies section.

PARCHMENT PAPER: It is meant to be used with liquid ink and works well with the inkjet inks.Most easily found in art supply and stationery stores.

ARTIST OIL CANVAS: A little rough in texture but makes an interesting background for photos and paintings. Great for making rugs and paintings for doll houses. Found in art supply stores.

AIDA CLOTH: Used for printing cross-stitch patterns.


IRON-ON TRANSFERS: Use to transfer prints to materials like t-shirts. It can usually be found in stores that sell printer supplies.

GREETING CARD PAPER: Already creased, ready to fold. Made by a variety of manufacturers. Can be found in the same stores that sell printer supplies.

PEEL AND STICK PAPER: Avery seems to be the major brand with these types of papers. Anything from small return address labels to 8 1/2x11 sheet labels. Made for inkjet printers. These can be found in stores with printer supplies.

MAGNETIC SHEETS: Made for inkjet printers. 8 1/2x11 sheets. Make your own refrigerator magnets. Found in stores that sell printer supplies.



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