To print with WebTV, you will need a compatible printer, a parallel, bi-directional printer cable, and for the original Classic, a printer adapter. Don't forget to get some paper too. Check below for specifics.


It should be an IEEE 1284 C36 male to DB25 male Centronics compliant parallel, bi-directional printer cable, however it seems that the cables that do not have the IEEE 1284 label still seem to function well, as long as they are bi-directional. Those with gold plated contacts are preferred. It is a common cable and comes in a variety of lengths. You should be able to find one at any store that sells computers and printers.


The first generation WebTV Classic needs a printer adapter to be able to connect the cable to the terminal. The second generation Classic and the Plus models have a printer port and do not need a printer adapter. The printer adapter plugs into the right side of the terminal as you face the front of the terminal. The printer cable then plugs into the adapter. The tool to take off the adapter port cover plate on the terminal, comes with the adapter. Sony has it's own adapter (#PA-W100) as does Philips/Magnavox (#MPR975). The printer adapters are specific for each brand, and are not physically interchangeable. Sony discontinued their printer adapter sometime during 1998. The P/M printer adapter is still available directly from P/M for $29.95 plus S&H by calling them at 1-888-813-7069.

Here is a site that could be an alternative to the Sony adapter. The site is only offered for your information only and not an endorsement in any way.

The original WebTV Classic models can only use Hewlett-Packard 400 and 600 series DeskJet printers. Some of the printers in the following lists have been discontinued by the manufacturer, but you may still find them in stores or online.

Supplies for the discontinued models will still be available.

Must Read

Webtv's list of Compatible Printers

Using the above link, you can check by WebTV unit type, or by printer type.

Classic Spec Sheet

Plus Spec Sheet

Satellite Spec Sheet

(Sony INT-W100 and P/M MAT960).

Hewlett-Packard 1-800-752-0900

These are all HP DeskJet models.

640C/642C/648C, 400 *, 400L *, 420C *, 600 *, 610CL Beige *, 610CL Black*, 612C *, 660C *, 670C *, 670TV *, 672C *, 680C *, 682C *, 690C *, 692C*, 693C *, 694C *, 695C *, 697C *.

* this printer has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


The WebTV Plus models, and the second generation Classic models can use any of these printers _if_ they have the 2.5 or later upgrades, and many of the printers can be used even _without_ having the upgrades.

Canon 1-800-652-2666

These are all Canon Bubblejet models.

BJC-1000, BJC-1010, BJC-2000, BJC-2010, BJC-2100, BJC-3000, BJC-6000, BJC-80, BJC-210 *, BJC-240 *, BJC-250 *, BJC-4100 *, BJC-4200 *, BJC-4300 *, BJC-4400*, BJC-4550 *, BJC-610 *, BJC-620 *,
LR1 PrintStation. (Check replacement ink availability, before purchasing LR1)

Epson 1-800-873-7766

Stylus Color 440, Stylus Color 660, Stylus Color 740, Stylus Color 740i, Stylus Color 777, Stylus Color 777i, Stylus Photo 750.

Hewlett-Packard 1-800-752-0900

These are all HP DeskJet models.

640C/642C/648C, 812C Beige, 812C Black, 840C/842C, 895Cse/895Cxi, 930C/932C/935C, 950C/952C, 970Cse/970Cxi, e-printer e20, 400 *, 400L *, 420C *, 540 *, 600 *, 610CL Beige *, 610CL Black *, 612C *, 660C *, 670C *, 670TV *, 672C *, 680C *, 682C *, 690C *, 692C *, 693C *, 694C *, 695C *, 697C *, 810C *, 830C *, 832C *, 880C *, 882C *.

Lexmark 1-888-539-6275


* this printer has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The HP670tv, HP610cl, HP812 and the Canon LR1 were marketed especially to be used with WebTV, and have a black body, Which Matches your WebTV terminal. However, they do not print any better than any other compatible printer.


There are a great variety of inkjet papers made specifically to be used with inkjet printers. Although we can only use the 8 1/2 X 11 size papers with WebTV, we can use anything from multi-purpose papers to heavyweight photo papers and specialty papers like 8 1/2 x 11 single sheet peel and stick labels, and there are many brands. Some of them are HP, Canon, Xerox, Epson, Sharprint and Champion, just to name a few. They all seem to print pretty well, but each has its own look. For my everyday throw away printing I use whatever multi-purpose inkjet paper is on sale. A lot of people use the HP multi-purpose and Xerox multi-purpose papers. For the text prints that I want to keep or give to other people I use Sharprint Coated Plus paper. Other brands also have bright white paper rated at a 95 brightness that will work too. My personal preference for all around use, is the HP Bright White inkjet paper, which has a brightness rating of 99+. For large graphics or photos I now use glossy card stock that I found in an arts and crafts store. I prefer the extra stiffness it has over the regular inkjet photo papers. I used to use Champion High Gloss Premium. The other brands make photo paper in different weights and in satin and glossy finishes too. A choice of these would be up to your personal taste as each prints the same picture slightly differently. Not that I would recommend this but I have run everything from grocery bag paper to artists oil paint canvas through my HP printer without any problems. Not everything accepts the ink very well, depending on the texture of the paper. A good stationery store will have a wide variety of papers to try.

Using Copy Machine, Typing Paper

I do suggest that you stay away from cheap typewriter and copy machine paper as they tend to break down and fuzz under heavy amounts of ink. Using them could result in clogging the printheads of the cartridges.


The cartridges that now come with most new printers are only half full. When you purchase replacement cartridges, check to make sure that they are the standard full cartridges. You can buy the half full cartridges, but while the initial cost is less, you are actually paying more for the amount of ink that you get. Most of the cost of cartridges is the cartridge itself, not the ink.

One place to check online is at Pricescan. Another place that may have printers is Refurb.