Manipulating Images


Go to the HTML Testbed, highlight the box and hit your return key to activate the cursor. Use only the arrow and delete keys within the box to move around. And type the code shown, between the body lines as shown.

<!-- Put the body of your page below this line --> <center> <img src=" put url of image here" height="300"> </center> <!-- Put the body of your page above this line --> </plaintext> <p> The number 300 is just an example. Change it to a smaller number to make the image smaller or to a larger number to make the image larger. The shape of the image will dictate the amount of enlargement you can do. A square image will enlarge to only about one screen size. A tall thin image can enlarge to cover more screens.Once you have the code typed in come down and hit display to see the results. Hit the back key to make changes or go ahead and print.<P> <center><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>RESIZING VIDCAPS FOR PRINTING</U></strong></FONT></center><P> This method will allow you to enlarge your vidcaps without the need for a web page or the transloader. Click on the Links below.</font><P> <a href="printvc.html">Printing Large Vidcaps</a><P> <a href="">More Resizing info</a><P> <a href="">More on using ImageMagick</a> <P> <a href="">TV Screen Dimensions</a><p> <a href=" ">Measure Images</a><P> </td> </tr> </table> </center> <P> <center> <table width="90%"> <tr> <td> <CENTER><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>CREATING TEXT AS A GIF</U></strong></FONT></CENTER><P> <a href="">Logo (text) Generator</a><br> Tip: Use a white background.<P> <CENTER><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>ADDING TO IMAGES</U></strong></FONT></CENTER><P> <a href="invisible.html">Creating a Transparent Gif</a><P> <a href=" ">Adding Text to Image</a><P> <a href=" ">Assorted Tutorials</a><P> <br> </td> </tr> </table> </center> <P> <center> <table width="90%"> <tr> <td> <CENTER><FONT SIZE="+1" COLOR="#F88017"><strong><U>IMAGE MANIPULATION LINKS</U></strong></FONT></CENTER><P> <a href="">ImageMagick</a><P> <a href="">Using ImageMagick</a><P> <A HREF="">WebFX</a><p> <a href="">GifWorks</a><P> <A HREF="">HTML Testbed</A><P> <a href="">JPEG Cruncher</a><P> <p> <CENTER> <a href="index.html"><h2>Back</h2></a><P> <H2></H2> <P> </CENTER> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </body></HTML>