Using the pagebuilder as a clipboard, either with meta tags or saving the add Text page to favorites, using the pagebuilder to organize your favorites by moving them up 25 at a time, has been covered.

But no one has really said much of this feature, not even Beth Candy, the PB princess, or is that queen since she married and left wtv.

Simply put URL's you have gathered on a pagebuilder page, Title each URL, put a space between each line, publish that page.

View the page, push your F-Key for your favorite View Source site, I like

and boom all the <<>a hrefs are done for you.
I personally like to see the complete URL plus its title or description as I print the results and have a hard copy for my archives.

Makes it easier when you help people, and are in the middle of an E-Mail having the info right at your fingertips.

You can remove just what you want and copy the info to another web page provider.