MagickStudios or ImageMagick Creations

First, Thanks to S, for telling me the geo images would not load so I put each image on its own page, it is a shame you cannot even view an image as is, let alone link to it.

Almost ALL of my drawings were deleted by geocities over exceeding bandwidth usage, they won't be replaced........

Composite and Annotation Examples

Stress Relief, from mrnatural13

Happy Valentines Day

Sunk! 6 pages layered together

Spelling Thread? It's that time again....:)

The ultimate laptop:)


Animation that describes newbies


A Baseball scorecard

Drawing Examples

My headstone:):)?.....

Trying to duplicate a paulerickson Blender drawing (fat chance)

A black oval

A Blue oval

Two ovals

A round rectangle

My "printshop" storefront final version

The "Good Morning This Is God" posters

ver1 using a fancy Corel frame

ver2 the text over a beautiful mountain scene

ver3 A simpler design using IM decorations