The True story of a near trajedy.

"My husband Jim and our sons, Gary and Lance, were watching TV last year when my rectal area began to itch.

It was a persistent nagging itch that would not go away. I excused myself to scratch the area but the more I scratched the worse it got.

I thought I would lose my mind in fact, I did!

When Jim found me I had severely injured myself with an electric beater.

Quick medical attention saved me. I would have been a lot better off if I'd just known about Soothene Rectal Creem.

Sootheene ends rectal itch and lets you relax. Sootheene after every bowel movement cleanses and disinfects.

I've put a large-size tube in every bathroom and now the whole family has clean, comfortable rectal areas.

It is great. try it yourself.

Mrs. Jim Bubbutt, Sorryville, Oh.

SOOTHEENE, regular or herbal scent. Available where ever rectal care products are sold.

apologies to the national lampoon....(circa 1970's)
Back when the 'poon was funny, and in business:)

Have had this clipping pasted to a 3 by 5 card for the simple reason it makes me smile:)