eric, why the love hate relationdhip with wtv?

In 1998 I saw parts of two different wtv infomercials.

I was interested in what I saw, and thought the internet would be a cool place to explore.

The promise of keeping up to the current internet standards reassured me. The PM Mat 972 packaging said webtv provided free updates.

Then in 1999 I bought my webtv at more than retail for a used box, because I had to pay the remainder of the seller's 6 month contract if I wanted to get the box now!
I should have found out why she _needed_ a pc and why wtv didn't satisfy her any longer.

I desired to while away my lonely hours by playing on-line games. At that time I was struggling with sobriety which lasted 30 months till I was fired from my job St. Paddy's Day 2001 (a good day to start drinking again:)

I knew games were available, on the internet, even without buying software, but of course more complete and _cooler_ games would need software.

I tried many places, but they all used java, and webtv cannot use java. Wtv say's it will not fit in the box....hmmm yet now a form of java will fit into cell phones???

But wtv lied to us, and the ability to use Java, an internet standard, was not provided to us. (Add music to that list, also) The fact that wtv was found guilty by a federal court for lying was no solace to me. I wanted punitive civil damages awarded:)

what else bothers you about wtv?

Well, the users for one.

They think the internet was built for them, even though they number roughly a million users after 5 years, and constantly "take" things irregardless of copyright law. They think everyone should cater to a microscopic portion of the internet population.

They cost many web sites big bucks in bandwidth fees by linking directly to images and music without the consideration or intelligence to upload these files to their own web page providers.

Then they have to "share" this noise and rubbish with us!

Even in their E-Mail sigs they must display all this noise and music, and the "clever" ones use css to cover your navigational sidebar. The purpose of E-Mail and ng postings is to convey ideas not spend 3 minutes waiting for a sig to load with an almost unreadable text to background/bgcolor combination. And of course the constant breaking of usenet rules is well known. I long for the day when a no html rule is started by wtv.

Let me ask you? Do you like the music your kids, wife/husband/other, neighbor, or that car that pulls up to you at a red light, is playing?

WHY in the world would you think anyone wants to hear the music/noise you like!! Sure you can mute the sound but then you can't hear a ram, and exit that E-Mail or post quickly. (one of the nice 2.6 features is the option to stop rams, but not everyone uses 2.6)

Then there are the wizards always pushing the envelope, even though wtv does not support anything (except maybe formatting tables) across all its models, and client builds (2.4, 2.55, 2.6) yet they design with css, dhtml, flash, js.... and the results are still pitiful I bought one of those keychain pets and in its 1 inch by 1 inch size there are more graphics, options than their sites ...It is like comparing "pong" the first game for the tv to tomb raider......but its just the limitations of wtv. I certainly am not running down our wizards although it is depressing to keep reading. Not for original classic, will not work with latest upgrade, etc

One of the most admired users of wtv was paul erickson his geocities nickname was by2000, his last update was made December 1999, so he made his goal. He still left wtv for a pc, and he was the smartest user? That should be a clue. And what is it with all the wtv help pages?? (I know, I should talk, but I did delete a lot of them, just the wrong ones:( With less than a million users why are there more help pages THAN users. All you really need is ericpaul, and draac and the links they provide.....why keep inventing the wheel?

Well, why do you still pay the highest ISP rates in existence? (yet can't afford a pc?) Interesting stat from 1999 wtv as an ISP was fifth in the country, but first in the amount of hours their users stayed on-line. (because it is so slow??) Because wtv is like a soap opera for one thing and two thats where they got you....otherwise you have a \\$300 dollar door stop or paper weight, no matter what you do, if you pay a bit extra for an "outside" ISP, you still have to go to wtv, for every on-line move; ie; your E-mail, favorites, pagebuilder, etc.........

My example for proper web page building is yahoo, which is almost always the number one destination every day on the internet.

Is it attractive? Not really; it is a _simple_ layout with tables, No background music, dhtml, flash, scrolling status bar, etc; just great content.
No gimmicks just a lot of features and a great search engine.

What else?

Wtv users are STOOPID! Jeez before they ask anything they should read the help pages. I know they are made by wtv but you have to start somewhere and reading EVERY page, taking EVERY tour that wtv offers is your obligation as the user.

If you go to a ng, say the printerhelp ng, read the postings. Scan the subjects of all 10 or 12 pages. In those 1100 or so postings, your question has been asked, and answered.. Many times..........

To whom it concerns at the ng
Okay I've been called Mr. piss and moan from my buddy, but 20 or so readers asked me to come back to the printerhelp ng, I did go back and answered less than a dozen posts then had a "thing" with someone who used to be a friend who used to ask me for help. It was said I was going to "take over" the ng. If that meant I would comment on every post, is that taking over the ng, in the past when I answered a post often there would be no further posts to that thread. Is answering a post thoroughly and completely (any Canon question took me 45-60 minutes as I do not have a Canon, and had to research each answer) so further comment is not needed, taking over a ng?
All I can say is when I tried to fill George's shoe's I spent hours researching the questions and provided the best answers I could. Did I feel good in helping people? Yes, did I miss it? Yes. I was perhaps too nice really in getting answers the questioner should have gotten from their printer's help pages.

I was going to delete George's pages, but if I hadn't stepped forward in early 2000, they would have been deleted that much sooner, as George was the type (like me) not to leave a web page on the net that was not being cared for.

After re-making 30 or more of my webpages, it is easier in a way to streamline them, put in the new info going from scratch, but other than deleting some dead links (in mid 2000) and _adding_ more Q & A to the Faq's, and the new printer models to the printer's page, nothing has been changed on the pages George made.