About the handiest thing you can create to make life easier with wtv is to make a clipboard, and put that clipboard on a webpage so you can save it to favorites and create an F-Key for it.

A one button clipboard!

Sure you can do the erase the http:// in your go to address box and put in mailto:2me or some other name. I always put a number first like 2me or 4printers as wtv does not allow users to have a number first, you can never by mistake send your info to someone.

The mailto clipboard is covered on this page:


As was his wont, Paul Erickson took the mailto concept one step further and by using Meta re-direct tags in the header of a webpage was able to create a web page that could be saved to an F-Key.

How to do that is here:


You can use your pagebuilder for this by just copying the meta tags into the heading section of your pagebuilder.

In the old days the email clipboards had a "shelf life" and could dissapear on you.

Well to safeguard against your email clipboards vanishing, I propose you make a pagebuilder clipboard.

No codes to copy, info will last untill you clear it, no cookie size limitations. Many people put too much info into hadoe's or diane dumas' word processors, and get locked out for 30 days or have to change users to "sneak" up on those cookied sites. That will not happen here.

From your homepage:

Go to Community.

Click on Pagebuilder.

Click on Create from the sidebar options.

From the page styles I use gray (which is actually silver) and not a page requiring a background to load.

Click on: "Choose this to add a title on your page"

I put in clipboard.
UN check the box that says: "Show this title on your page."
Click Done.

Click the "Add An Item" button.

From the six options, choose the "Add Text" option.

Now, you are done here, all you have to do is save this "Add Text" page to your favorites.

If that is new for you, here are the steps needed:

Push Save.

Choose which folder to save your page to.

I use the folder named Personal

Click on the "Save Page to Favorites" button

Click on the folder you have saved the "Add Text" page to.

Click on "organize" from the sidebar options.

Click on shortcuts.

Locate the "Add Text" page (you will see all the sites saved to that folder).

Click on the button next to it.

Now choose which of your F-Keys you want to use for your "one button clipboard".

Click done.

On the next page, if you do not have any other shortcuts to create, Click Done.

That is it! booda boom booda bing about 5 minutes from start to finish.

To use your "one button clipboard" after you get something copied text from an email, url's or whatever...

Push your F-Key, paste in the info

Click Done. (if you do not click done your info will not be saved)

then go on untill you have something else to save, then just push the F-Key.

What if I put in html coding?
After you hit Done, you will see the effects of the coding, to get to the actual codes push the F-Key again.

Will this F-Key pagebuilder clipboard be private?
Yes, since you have _not_ published this page it does not have an URL assigned to it. It will _not_ show up on your pagebuilder index page.

The original of this web site had info on how to use the pagebuilder to organize your favorites.

Say you have all your F-Keys filled up, you can use an option on the "Add a links page" called from favorites. This is great, you see every file saved in every folder! You can move them up to 25 at a time.

Beth Candy wrote this article explaining how to do that, no need for me to re-type all the steps:) (...even though my web page was up first;)