My Imager has limitations, but often MagickStudio’s is too busy or down, so it is good to know another way to make signs.

The font sizes at my imager are limited to a Point Size of 150.

My Imager cannot composite images on your sign.

Go to (there are warnings saying you need to update your browser, but it worked for me 4-24-2001.

Click the File button.

Highlight and click New.

Choose your Format. If you plan on transloading your sign, the jpg image will be a smaller file size than the gif image.

Set the Width to 697.

Set the Height to 540

Select White as your background color. Top row seventh button from the left.

Click Create new image button.

Click Effects

Highlight and click on Text.

Put your text in the text box.

You can only go to 150 here, so start with that as your text size.

Leave the other settings as they are for now.

Use your back button to undo anything you need to.

When everything looks good, choose Edit

Highlight and click on Rotate Right.

When you are done click on File.

Choose Save.

You now should be on a page that has a temporary url that you can click on and Print!