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Full Page Signs

A sign (or award) for school chess teams

We gladly accept MC, V, D, Amex

Attack Birds (one of my best designs:)

Beware of Beak (loose bird in house)

Smoking Permitted

We don't need a stinkin' PC (I did ultimately:)

Lobotomy (humorous sign)

A Business Management Degree (for fun)

Caution Children at Play (very visible)

This ___ is a lemon!

A Boss is...... (humor)

Beware of Owner!

Do Not Disturb

Free Puppies (beware of people looking to feed/train pitbulls)

Happy Birthday!

Help Wanted

Lobby Sign (why did I save this:)

Happy St. Paddy's Day

(Spanish translation)

Privacy for apartment
(Spanish translations)

A better designed privacy sign
(prints 2 per page)

Father's Day Certificate

A sign for when you quit a job

"Pro" sign examples

Stop! Knock (the locks don't work on the bathroom door:)

A Sress Reliever from a site by mrnatural13

Many thanks to Dave and Willie who did the translations for my original sign factory site, somehow these signs avoided the delete button.

A note to webpage makers, those translate your site buttons do not work as intended. They do not accurately translate your text into language as it spoken/read by real people.

Thanks again D&W, for the time you spent helping me, I am sorry I so thoughtlessly deleted your hard work (and mine:) which made the sign factory a unique bilingual site.