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The Reason for this Site

Group: alt.discuss.webtv.printerhelp

Date: Fri, Feb 25, 2000, 10:18am (EST-3)
From: (George Casey)

Need a Volunteer
I've finally had it with webtv.
I'm going to dump it in the next week.
My ability to use my e-mail and respond
to posts (or post) is next to impossible
most of the time.

I get disconnects,
page too big messages on my reply page,
webtv unavailable and
item chosen not available messages all the time.
And I have these problems only with the webtv
home page and e-mail, no where else.

All of this is related to the upgrades starting
with the spellcheck.   I had perfect service
before that.

Anyway I'm not spending anymore money for a
service I don't recieve. So I need someone to
take over the FAQ and transload it to a site
of their own. I could just leave it up but I
wouldn't know what webtv is up to and wouldn't
be able to keep it up to date.
The site will then be yours and you can do
what you want with it. I will leave up what
printable pages (banner alphabets etc) I have

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