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Creating Large Vidcaps For Printing

Printing vidcaps directly from your e-mail can be done but you are limited to that size. This page will tell you how to resize the vidcap without a web page and allow you to print it at more than half sheet size. I will also show you how to make a vertical vidcap which can be resized to a full sheet. The reason for resizing rather than using the height and width attributes with the img src tag is quality. When you use that tag to increase size you lose sharpness and detail. Resizing not only increases physical size it increases file size, thus keeping the original sharpness and detail.

First Things First

First you need an outside account to get a URL for the vidcap. They are easy to get. One is free, the other a pay for site. The free one is at Photopoint. Send the e-mail with the vidcap there and they will extract it and store it for you in an album format with it's own URL. There is no limit on how many or for how long you store them. The other site is the TL2, the pay for version of the Star Blvd Transloader. Using it also gives you an e-mail account from which you can extract and store vidcaps and transload to your own webpage. You can also unzip files there.

Resizing The Image

ImageMagick is where you will resize the image. There are other sites that will resize an image but I find this one easier to get into plus you can manipulate the image in other ways at the same time that you resize. When you get to the site scroll down to and highlight the box. Paste in the address you copied back at netaddress using the "cmd" and "v" keys. Now click on the"View" button. The next page will show you what your vidcap is. You don't need to wait for it to fully load up. At the top of the page click on the "resize" button. At the next page scroll down to the box with the size numbers in it. Erase them and type in 527x405. Ths is the size for a vidcap to be as wide as the page and over a half sheet tall. Now if it isn't already, check the "Zoom" button and then click on the "resize" button. The next page will show you what the resized vidcap looks like. At the top of this page click on the "Output" button. On the next page scroll down and check the "jpg" format. Then check the "single" file and then the "output" button. On the next page click on the small image, that will take you to your full sized image with it's own address. Now at this point you can go ahead and print it using the "Print" and not the "Print Screen". If you want you can cut and copy the address and put it in an e-mail to yourself to save for later use. The resized vidcap will be there to link to for about 24 hours.

Vertical Pictures

I think you will have noticed by now that when you take a picture with a camera, either digital or camcorder, the picture is horizontal. That is , it is wider than it is tall. If you turn your camera 90 when you take the picture it will produce a vertical picture, taller than it is wide. But when you load it on your e-mail it will show up in the horizontal position. It will look as if your shot was laying on it's side. You can rotate it back upright at the ImageMagick site. Start out like before, send it to netaddress,copy the vidcap address and go to ImageMagick. Paste the address and hit the "View" button. This time at the next page click on the"Transform" button at the top of the page. On the next page scroll down and check either "rotate right" or "rotate left". That will depend on which way your vidcap is laying. If it is laying on it's left side then it needs to rotate right to turn it right side up. Then click on the "transform" button. The next page will show you the rotated vidcap. If you rotated the wrong way just hit your back key and check the other one. Now here you can finish the process as before by clcking the "output" button on the top of the page or go on to resize it. Go to the top of the page and click the "resize" button. This time when you type in new numbers use 526x685. Check the "zoom", click the "resize" button and finish the procedure as before. This will give you a vidcap as wide as the sheet and almost as long.