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Cleaning Links

Net4TV's article "How to Clean a Sticky Keyboard"

Net4TV reader's add suggestions and comments.

Ice Man Larry's webpages How to Save a Keyboard
I included both, in case one has been updated.

Wireless Keyboard Repair

The Printable 2 page Keyboard Grid

I made the page again, and a little bigger for us fumble fingered ones. A side note my table codes were better than the MS Works codes:) The Keyboard Grid

keyboard info

Patrick's A Short but Informative Keyboard Tutorial
I include both pages.

The Keyboard CMD shortcuts:


The Loud Family's

Programing codes for your TV

Typing Manual

Self Taught Typing Test

Typing Tests

An on-line typrwriter (deleted by author, may come back):

ENLARGE your text

The "wired" keyboard adaptor:

Printable table showing wtv functions on the pc keyboard