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This is a quote from the HP Q&A Cafe FAQ page.

"DeskJet 670C vs 672C vs 670TV Functionally, all printers of a particular series (e.g., 67X) are identical. They all use the same print mechanisms and printer cartridges, have the same print speed, print quality, etc. HP uses different model numbers for marketing purposes. Thus, an HP670C printer may be sold primarily for business customers, while the HP672C is target for the home user. Therefore, you may find that the box contents and packaging may differ: you may have different types of free software included, or samples of special media HP is promoting, etc. The HP 670TV is targeted for WebTV users. It is colored black, and has a black printer cable included in the box. It does not contain the software "drivers" needed to run the printer on a PC, and the user's guide is different."