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"Angelfire is not like other free webspace providers. Instead of having the transloader send your graphic files direct to your website account .... you must first...... have the transloader send the graphic to Angelfire's FTP **Basket** .....for lack of a better word.( Angelfire will keep your graphic file in the basket until you come and claim it.)

Then must go to your angelfire account...log in ... and ask angelfire to take your graphic out of thier \$%#^&@ basket and transfer it into your website account. It is an easy process.

First, Have the transloader send your graphic to the Angelfire FTP Basket. Fill out the transloader form as follows:

Source URL= exact url address of the graphic. If you dont know it....
~~~~Important make a note of the name of the graphic. It will likely be blahblah.gif or blahblah.jpg~~~~
Rename = (Leave this section blank. Learn this feature later. Dont type anything in this section.)
Type the following **exactly** like it shows here:
target account=anonymous
target account
upload directory= /incoming
dont forget the foward slash before the word *incoming*

******Hit transload***** ...and reload until successful.
You have just sent your graphic to the angelfire **basket** You now have about 10 minutes to complete this next step or you have to start over. dont worry...You can do it in 2 min.

Go to your angelfire account and log in as you usually do.
Under the grey *checkmark* area of your angelfire files , look for that little *word entry box*. Type in the name of the graphic (blahblah.gif or blahblah.jpg) and then Press the button named:
** Transfer From FTP**
If you did this properly, Angelfire will take your graphic out of their FTP basket and put it where it belongs....YOUR files.
That should do it.
If you get a message that says there is no file with that name in Angelfire's FTP either spelled the graphic name wrong....or....your file has not yet arrived in their basket . Wait a moment and try again."